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Meditation teacher Ahieh introduces the Quelea Orgonite Pyramid

The Power of Love.
The Power of Pyramid.
The Power of Consciousness.
The Vibration of Joy and Compassion. The Original of Life Creation.
The Key to Transforming.
The Supreme Source.
Besides Egypt, there are thousands of magnificent pyramids in South America, Sudan, Bosnia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Russia and China. Countless pyramid-shaped architectures and objects appear around the world.
In“The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock mentioned many experiments and research:
 The pyramid power and its mysterious effects are more than imagination. The pyramid technology is far more advanced than we ever realized, and has the power to completely transform our planet.
Many top Russian scientists confirm pyramid would transform anything harmful into helpful by the quantum effects :
Purify water and heal the organisms. Improve the immunity
Repair and renew the damaged tissue. Activate cells regeneration.
Their results suggest that pyramid technology could save the world—and substantially improve our physical, mental and spiritual health along the way.

 The pyramids can reduce earthquakes and severe weather. They would also protect us against the disaster caused by hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.
The earth is acting as a feedback mechanism for our consciousness. The chaos and collective diseases are just a mirror for our own lack of Love.
The Russian National Academy of Sciences confirmed that pyramid energy could reduce criminal behavior and increase feelings of love and peace.
The pyramid energies create a measurable improvement in criminal behavior—
The Source Field Investigations Seven thousand people were able to reduce worldwide terrorism by 72 %— just by meditating.

 Washington crime study shows 23.3% drop in violent crime trend due to meditating group.
It does cost money to build these pyramids,
we have a cheap, easy way to help the earth through this critical transition period.
Lotus Pyramid is:
The charging and storage field for the exhausted body and mind.
The antenna linking up the pure consciousness from the Source
The vibration transmitter emitting the positive energies.
The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.

 is not a slogan, it is scientific fact.
The effect of the source field proves, we can reduce hatred、resentment、
wars、deprive vendetta and fear. We
can return to the state of love peace joy and compassion.
Through meditation inside the pyramids.
We can return to the state
of love peace joy and compassion
through meditation inside the pyramids.
Everything and everyone is interconnected and resonance with each other

 “Healing Oneself Healing the World” is not a slogan, it is a scientific fact.
Consciousness is powerful Love is magical.
LOVE Is You. Consciousness Is You.
I Meditate
Create a space With high frequency
Prepare a sacred temple for my soul
Just like the ancient cave for the practitioner
For healing and energizing immediately every day

 “Healing Oneself Healing the World”
is not a slogan, it is a scientific fact.
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