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Spanish Meditation Teacher Introducing Quelea Meditation Chair MCH2

Quelea meditaion chair, meditation seat
Meditation has always played an important role in different stages of my life
So to improve the quality of meditation and health
Meditation tools are important
Quelea's products this time are still simple but changeable designs
Not only a chair with backrest for meditation, reading, yoga mat or sleeping pad, but also extra cushion when camping
Perfect for any occasion, indoor or outdoor
          The backrest and armrests can properly relax the back muscles
          More than ten kinds of functions or highly free conversion
Variations available based on body type, and seat cushion is antibacterial and waterproof material.
          Make prolonged meditation more comfortable
In addition to these convenience and comfort features
Cushion is one of the important components
          Four-layer composite seat cushion provides good support and reduces discomfort
          85 ventilation hole design, sedentary is not boring
It can be used as a chair at home, and the cushion can be put in the bag to enjoy nature.
In addition to the chair, it also comes with a large-capacity eco-bag that is easy to carry

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