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Quelea has professional inspectors in China and Taiwan. They can find the prombles to reduce trade risk.

The inspection will be proceed by industry standard and customer requirements when the product finished. It can make sure that the product's quality and function, and inspector feedback helps clients arrange their shipping schedule.

Inspection Content

1.Check order No., model No., order Qty.
2.Check packaging
3.Check assembly
4.Check Product appearance
5.Check function
6.check components
7.Provide inspection report

What can QUELEA do for you?
Comprehensive Service: From Ideas to Reality

Different market needs different solution. QUELEA always pursues the best to satisfy your needs. Base on the experiences in the fitness world, we can help you to accomplish the complete solution, no matter which market you serve.

In QUELEA we have

▌ Different Product Lines



▌ Tailor-made Projects according to your needs




▌ QUELEA Marketing supports