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SITO meditation teacher recommends the Quelea meditation cushion MCU1

Quelea meditaion cushion, meditaion mat
Suddenly a bag came to our house last night
And it's not the first time
A few months ago we received an invitation to collaborate on the “Qulea Meditation Chair”
It has become furniture that we must use every day
But Qulea's product this time is simpler and more practical
Quelea Meditation cushion
What's so special about this meditation cushion?
One of my favorite things is that it's super light
Easy to store and move, not only
Bella: Alfonso let's go, Yes
You can also put it in the included large capacity eco bag
The easiest way to step into nature
Seat cushions are available in six heights to suit different needs
Adjustments can be made in the fastest and most efficient way
There are more than ten functions in total, whether it is meditation or sitting
Great for home furnishing
Not only can be used as a Japanese-style wall chair
Sitting on the cushion and playing the drums is comfortable
Or leisurely read a book
You can also unfold the cushion and take a nap.
You can even fall asleep to the sound of birds in the park
do yoga before bed
Or stretch your muscles after a hard day
This cushion can meet any need
Four-layer composite seat cushion provides good support
85 vents keep you from sitting for long periods of time
Not only antibacterial, waterproof, but most importantly, formaldehyde free
If you want to make meditation more comfortable
You can really try Quelea's meditation cushion.
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