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Spanish meditation teacher recommends Quelea meditation sofa MCH1

Quelea Group lunched the meditation chair.
They sent me a meditation chair to experience
Let's open the box.
Although the bag is heavy, the chair is small
Completely save space and can be placed anywhere in the house.
And it smells so good!
This meditation chair has multiple height adjustments, so everyone can find a suitable meditation posture
The five-layer cushion is more comfortable, and it’s really pleasant to sit on it.
Let me meditate longer every day.
The air cushion holes help reduce pressure and air circulation, and you can also put your favorite sachets.
Seven different extractable heights, can be adjusted according to different body types.
Place cushions as needed.
Like I just need to put a mat under my feet.
Wife Bella needs three
Reduce numbness and soreness of feet during meditation.
Simple design makes meditation more comfortable.
Handrails can help you get up
Backrest support back pressure
In addition, there are online meditation courses
Basic meditation courses can be found on Quelea's website
This meditation chair has many advantages
Very texture, colors and lines are very design.
It fits anywhere in the home
More than just a chair for meditation
You can also adjust the height to become an ordinary seat
I find it very convenient
This is made in Taiwan
I personally feel that it is really helpful for the comfort of the meditation posture
Less prone to foot numbness or soreness during meditation
It won’t be uncomfortable if you meditate for a long time
If your budget allows, this chair is a great meditation tool
It can also remind you to remember to meditate every day
This is very helpful for those who have incorrect posture and are prone to soreness.
Interested friends can learn more through the following link.

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