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How to Harness Pyramid Energy for Enhanced Meditation: Theories and Benefits

How to Meditate Using a Pyramid. 

Pyramid meditation is a unique method that involves meditating in a pyramid structure. The theory behind it is that the pyramid acts as an energy field or energy activator, and its geometric shape and special energy field can enhance the effects of meditation. Since ancient times, the geometric shape of a pyramid has been regarded as the most stable and sacred geometric figure in the universe. This is also why traditional meditation postures often take the form of sitting cross-legged—mimicking the pyramid shape, which helps facilitate a deeper meditative state. 
Sit cross-legged to form a triangular pyramid shape

Why is Pyramid Meditation So Effective?

The geometric shape of the pyramid can generate a special electric field known as "negative potential," which helps reduce stress and tension in meditators and regulates the body's physiological functions. These energy fields assist meditators in achieving a deeper state of meditation, enhancing spiritual awareness and awakening, releasing suppressed emotions and negative feelings, and promoting spiritual growth and development. 

Basic Steps for Pyramid Meditation

  1. Choose a Suitable Pyramid Location: Establish a quiet and comfortable environment.
  2. Sit in the Center of the Pyramid: Maintain silence and relaxation, begin breathing exercises, and enter a meditative state.
  3. Focus on the Pyramid’s Apex: Be aware that the apex is an energy activator that can enhance the effects of meditation and even exercise the eighth chakra.
  4. Maintain the Meditative State: Feel the energy field of the pyramid location, relax, and enjoy the present moment.
  5. Benefits of Pyramid Meditation
  6. Amplifying Meditative Consciousness Waves: When a meditator sits in the pyramid, the meditation and reception of higher cosmic energy will result in meditative consciousness waves being emitted at more than four times the usual rate, affecting the surrounding environment. This explains why various pyramids are found worldwide in ancient civilizations.
  7. Quick Entry into Deep Meditation: The pyramid’s energy field quickly gathers energy, accelerating the entry into a meditative state, stabilizing consciousness waves. 90% of practitioners feel enveloped by energy, providing a sense of peace and security.
  8. Relieving Stress and Fatigue: The negative potential and energy field generated by the pyramid’s geometry release bodily stress and fatigue, making one feel relaxed and comfortable.
  9. Enhancing Spiritual Awareness and Awakening: The energy field helps people enter deep meditation, increasing spiritual awareness and awakening, making one feel clearer and more enlightened.
  10. Promoting Physical and Mental Health: The pyramid’s energy field regulates the body’s physiological functions, promoting physical and mental health, such as boosting immunity, improving sleep quality, and alleviating chronic pain.
  11. Boosting Creativity and Cognitive Flexibility: The energy field enhances cognitive flexibility and creativity, aiding in problem-solving and innovative thinking.
  12. Increasing Spiritual Strength and Personal Growth: Pyramid meditation helps release negative emotions and feelings, promoting spiritual growth and development, enhancing spiritual strength, and self-awareness. 


Pyramid meditation is a unique method that uses the geometric shape and energy field of pyramids to enhance meditation effects, relieve stress, increase spiritual awareness, and promote physical and mental health and spiritual growth. Whether sitting quietly inside a pyramid or meditating, one can enjoy the benefits of this special energy field and influence the surrounding environment with this energy and consciousness. 

*Reference for the above pyramid content and theory: the book of “The Source Field Investigation, Chapter 7, Chapter 8."

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