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Graphene Curved Wood Chair

Graphene Curved Wood Chair
The combination of the versatile graphene pad and the sturdy and durable curved wood chair.
Graphene pad paired with curved wood chair - SCUG

Ultra-thick graphene pad, 11-13cm thick, versatile
The extra-thick cushion prevents leg numbness during cross-legged sitting and hand numbness during napping.
Can be used as a footrest, backrest, and pillow. Perfect for a nap.
Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing curved wood chair, 1.2 cm thick.

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Graphene Curved Wood Chair
The thickness can reach up to 11-13 cm (while graphene pads in the market are mostly below 8 cm), featuring an ultra-thick seat cushion. Apart from providing comfort for cross-legged sitting, the cushion is thick enough to be used as a backrest or a pillow.
It can be used as a multi-purpose pad, serving as a pillow, backrest, footrest, headrest, or even a nap pillow.

Scientists have discovered that graphene nanomaterials can convert body heat into far-infrared radiation and rapidly increase temperature. This feature makes the body feel warmer and more active while remaining breathable and not stifling. Graphene exhibits exceptional thermal conductivity, allowing for heat transfer in approximately 5 seconds.

The ultra-thick cushion chair provides excellent support for your comfort.

The ultra-thick cushion is thick enough to be used as a pillow for a quick nap.
The ultra-thick cushion can be used as a huggable pillow, providing a solid and warm embrace.

The ultra-thick cushion prevents hands numbness. It serves as a perfect nap pad.

Graphene pad paired with a curved wood chair.

The versatile nature of the graphene pad combined with the solid and durable curved wood chair.

Elegant leisure

Japanese style

Quiet and elegant

Sleek and bright

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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