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CUG - 2 pcs

Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion (Welcome wholesale and group purchasing)

Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion  - SCUG

Heart in Place Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion.
Thickened to 11-13cm for ultimate comfort (most graphene cushions on the market are below 8cm). Can be used as a floor cushion, backrest, hug pillow, leg rest, nap pillow, and more. Versatile and multi-purpose.
Ultra-thick graphene pad, 11-13cm thick, versatile
The extra-thick cushion prevents leg numbness during cross-legged sitting and hand numbness during napping.
Can be used as a footrest, backrest, and pillow. Perfect for a nap.
Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing curved wood chair, 1.2 cm thick.
Meditation cushion, meditation mat, meditation seat
Welcome wholesale and group purchasing


the Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion offers numerous advantages that make it a superior choice for seating comfort. With its use of graphene material, the cushion provides enhanced comfort and support, conforming to the body's contours and promoting better posture. The graphene material also contributes to temperature regulation, keeping the seating area cool in hot weather and providing warmth during colder conditions. The cushion's breathable back fabric prevents moisture build-up and ensures a fresh seating experience. Additionally, the non-slip surface of the cushion enhances safety and stability, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. With its easy-to-use straps and low maintenance requirements, the Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion is a reliable and convenient seating solution. Overall, this cushion is designed to deliver exceptional comfort, durability, and functionality, making it an excellent choice for anyone in search of a high-quality seating experience. how to use the Quelea meditation brand product to use those product; Meditation cushion, meditation mat, meditation seat, Graphene Cushion, using Quelea meditation brand products such as Meditation cushions, meditation mats, meditation seats, and Graphene Cushions: "Unlock the full potential of your meditation practice with Quelea's range of premium meditation products. Our Meditation cushions, meditation mats, meditation seats, and Graphene Cushions have been carefully designed to enhance your mindfulness journey. Here's how to make the most of these products: Meditation Cushion: Place the Meditation cushion on a flat surface or your preferred meditation spot. Sit comfortably on the cushion with your legs crossed or in a kneeling position. The cushion provides essential support, maintaining proper posture during meditation. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let the cushion's ergonomic design keep you comfortable throughout your practice. Meditation Mat: Lay the Meditation mat on the floor, ensuring a clean and quiet space for your practice. Sit or lie down, depending on your meditation style. The mat offers a soft and welcoming surface, isolating you from distractions and providing an ideal foundation for a tranquil meditation session. Meditation Seat: Whether you prefer a traditional meditation seat or a more contemporary design, our Meditation seats are versatile and accommodating. Sit down comfortably, aligning your spine with the backrest for proper posture. Let the seat's ergonomic structure support your meditation, allowing you to focus inward with ease. Graphene Cushion: Experience the groundbreaking benefits of our Graphene Cushion. Place it on your Meditation cushion or Meditation seat for enhanced comfort and energy balance. The innovative Graphene technology disperses heat, providing a cool and soothing surface for extended meditation sessions. Simply position the Graphene Cushion to your liking and embark on a meditation journey like never before. With Quelea's meditation products, you have the perfect companions for your meditation practice. Achieve deeper mindfulness, comfort, and tranquility as you embark on your meditation journey with the support of our premium meditation essentials.
Quelea Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion

Perfect for home decor.

It is fully thickened, with a thickness of up to 11-13 cm (most graphene pads on the market are below 8 cm). This level of thickness provides the ultimate comfort for the cushion. Apart from being used as a floor cushion for sitting cross-legged, it is also suitable as a backrest, a hug pillow, a leg rest, a nap pillow, and more. It serves multiple functions. It not only warms your body but also warms your heart.
Scientists have discovered that graphene nano-material can convert body heat into far-infrared rays and conduct heat quickly. This enables the body to feel warm, breathable, and not stuffy. Graphene has extremely strong thermal conductivity, allowing heat to be conducted in approximately 5 seconds.

The ultra-thick cushion provides excellent support for your comfort.

The ultra-thick cushion can be used as a sofa backrest.

The ultra-thick cushion it can be used as a sofa cushion.

The ultra-thick cushion is thick enough to be used as a pillow for a quick nap.

The ultra-thick cushion can be used as a huggable pillow, providing a solid and warm embrace.

The ultra-thick cushion prevents hands numbness. It serves as a perfect nap pad.

The ultra-thick cushion serves as a backrest at home, providing warmth and comfort to your tired body and mind.

The ultra-thick cushion serves as a backrest in the office, providing ample support for your progress and productivity.

Life can be so simple.

Life can be so comfortable.

Life can be so elegant.

Quelea Graphene Ultra-Thick Cushion with a heart in place.

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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