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Spanish meditation teacher recommends Quelea meditation sofa MCH1

Quelea Group lunched the meditation chair. They sent me a meditation chair to experience Let's open the box. Although the bag is heavy, the chair is small Completely save space and can be placed anywhere in the house. And it smells so good! This meditation chair has multiple height adjustments, so everyone can find a suitable meditation posture The five-layer cushion is more comfortab


SITO meditation teacher recommends the Quelea meditation cushion MCU1

Suddenly a bag came to our house last night And it's not the first time A few months ago we received an invitation to collaborate on the “Qulea Meditation Chair” It has become furniture that we must use every day But Qulea's product this time is simpler and more practical Quelea Meditation cushion What's so special about this meditation cushion? One of my favorite


Spanish Meditation Teacher Introducing Quelea Meditation Chair MCH2

Meditation has always played an important role in different stages of my life So to improve the quality of meditation and health Meditation tools are important Quelea's products this time are still simple but changeable designs Not only a chair with backrest for meditation, reading, yoga mat or sleeping pad, but also extra cushion when camping Perfect for any occasion, indoor or outdoor


Meditation teacher Ahieh introduces the Quelea Orgonite Pyramid

 LOVE. The Power of Love. The Power of Pyramid. The Power of Consciousness. The Vibration of Joy and Compassion. The Original of Life Creation. The Key to Transforming. The Supreme Source. GOD. Besides Egypt, there are thousands of magnificent pyramids in South America, Sudan, Bosnia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Russia and China. Countless pyramid-shaped architectures and objects appear

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